Suewan, Dan and Roobs in Valencia

Celebrating one year of family travel!

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April 18th, 2016 was the date we left our UK home behind and started our family travel adventure. It’s hard to believe we became a digital nomad family 1 year ago!

In the past year we have:

  • Travelled to¬†7 countries
  • Had 10 families come to visit us
  • Roobs has been to 4 sleepovers
  • Had 4 geckos “live” with us
  • Had 1 phone stolen ūüôĀ
  • Visited 3 cat cafes
  • Been to hospital once (Roobs fell off the bed onto the marble floor – mainly landing on her head!)
  • Attended 5 birthday parties
  • Met up with over 20 worldschooler families

It has been an incredible year and we have loved the freedom of being able to spend time together and learn so much. Each of us has enjoyed different aspects of our travels and we have our own memorable moments.

Roobs and Suewan with waterguns

Ready for Songkran

Roobs: Celebrating Songkran in Thailand was so fun. I liked getting everyone with water. Everyone got drenched. Some people had buckets, some people had water guns.

The buckets were worse because they got you really wet and the water was sometimes ice cold. I went right up close to people and shot water at their belly.

Dan: The Acropolis was amazing. The view, the history of it and being able to use technology to call my dad and share that moment with him too.

Suewan: Volunteering in Athens was probably one of the most memorable parts of last year. It was amazing to see people gathered together from so many different countries and cultures, being community together.

One of the best parts was going to an open mic night at the community centre and watching people from Iraq, Ireland, Syria, Afganistan, England all share a song or some music. Roobs went up and played a song she composed on her keyboard. She got a huge round of applause!

The people

We’ve had lots of amazing experiences but we all agree that the best part of travelling has been meeting people and building friendships.

We have been so blessed to have friends and family come to visit us in every country we’ve been to! Roobs was over the moon to have Sophia and Elsie come to see us in Europe. Liz, mum and dad have also been regular visitors to lots of places which has been lovely. Spending time with some of our besties in Croatia was amazing and we felt blessed to be able to spend quality time with those families.

A photo of the children and adults from the Prague worldschooling hub

Worldschooler meet-up in Prague

Meeting new friends has come easily as we have connected with so many families on¬†Facebook homeschool and travel groups. It’s been incredible how welcoming these communities have been to us.

Meeting local families in Valencia gave us a chance to practice our Spanish and Jose and his family introduced us to delicious home-cooked Valencian food.

The Prague worldschooling hub was a great place to meet other travelling families. Barnes, King and Knauf families Рthey really helped us find out feet with this travel lifestyle.

Some new friends have become regular Skypers with Roobs and she has gained a lot from those friendships.

This coming year we hope we will¬†continue meeting awesome families and friends. In fact, we’ve already hooked up with some great worldschooling families here in Chiang Mai and have good friends from England coming to spend Summer with us in Bali. Hoorah!

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