RTW Families is a place to find out how on earth you can make full time travel work for you and your family.

Hello! I’m Suewan and I’ve been travelling with my digital nomad family since 2016.

I am the main writer here at RTWfamilies, however, my family also contributes posts on nomadic life and full time travel from a kid’s perspective.

When we were looking into the possibility of how to travel the world for a year we struggled to find information and resources about nomadic life for families. However, we did find a fair few travel blogs from other location independent families and we wrote to them to ask all our full time travel questions.

You’ll see that we love collaborating on articles with other digital nomad families. This is because we really believe that everyone travels differently and there is more than one way to do nomadic life. We have learnt so much from the travelling families we’ve met (both face to face and online) that we want to give you their¬†viewpoints as well as ours.

Now a couple of years into our own travels we realise that we can share this information with other people who would like to travel full time. That is primarily what RTW Families is about.

A photo of the Kemp family in Bali - RTW families is about family nomadic life, looking at how families can travel the world for a year or two or full time!

RTW Families is focussed on getting information and resources to people who want to learn more about full time travel. We do sometimes use affiliate links and ads in our articles and if you’d like to know more then you can check out our disclaimer.