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The benefits of being a digital nomad family – 6 months in

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So we have hit the 6-month mark of our trip around the world and are currently in our fourth country – Greece. We feel like we are getting the hang of this nomadic life now and can see the super, lush benefits of location independent life.

More family time

Without the hubbub of school, both of us working, the 9-5 rush, after-school activities and all the rest of the life that we used to lead we actually have a lot of time together. Yes, Dan is working but he is able to be flexible and work in a way that means he can spend time with us and really dedicate himself to his job.

Roobs gets the best of me because I can give her time and attention in a way that I never could before. She gets quality time with Dan because he has the energy and space now.

Things we have discovered we enjoy doing now that we would never have had the chance to squeeze in before: daddy-daughter 1k runs, being a part of Roob’s imaginary restaurant roleplay games, evening walks, sketching together, baking, playing endless rounds of card games…

Developing worldschooling

We have been able to see how Roobs learns and follow her lead. So many times in our life in Bristol she would have a question that we would not be able to answer because we didn’t have the time, the energy or the inclination. I always felt bad that we had ‘parked’ so many subjects she was curious about. Now we are able to respond almost instantly.

Examples of this have been:

Poster about smoking. Worldschooling‘Why are cigarettes bad for you?’
We did some research online into the chemicals in a cigarette and made a collage/factsheet about cigarettes.

‘What are bricks made of?’
We found a really helpful video explaining how bricks are made on BBC Bitesize and Roobs then made a diagram of the process of what happens to make a brick.

‘What is the difference between smallpox and chicken pox?’
Our wonderful friends Ziggy and Jo were able to help answer this for Roobs as they know all things science.

We are ALL learning

It isn’t just Roobs who is learning.

Both myself and Dan now have the time to learn things ourselves. Sometimes it is a new skill – I learnt Spanish and macrame in Valencia. We’ve learnt lots of tips about booking flights, negotiating rental fees and how to navigate unfamiliar transport systems. And of course, we are always learning about the new cultures we find ourselves in.

We save money

This seems silly and deserves a longer post, but it’s true that we save so much more money now on 1 income whilst travelling than we did with 2 incomes in the UK. I guess it is because the cost of living in most places is so much less than in England. Also not having a car, council tax, gas/electric bills etc makes a massive difference.


We are the kind of family who gets way too excited about yummy food! Travelling helps us to explore delicious new dishes and makes us very happy 🙂

lunch-at-tenis-cibulka location independent family

Czech food

At the moment we are totally in love with Greek food.

Souvlaki – nom, Falafel – nom, Gyros – nom, Greek salad – nom….

Learning to say ‘Yes’

Travel has really changed our attitudes to lots of things and we find that we are able to say ‘yes’ to more opportunities than we ever would have. We are much more open to trying new things and have found that being a bit braver definitely pays off!

Dan, who can’t swim, has been in swimming pools and lakes. Roobs has tried SO many foods that she had dismissed as ‘yucky’ back home. And I am learning to let myself get lost in new places because it’s a fun way to explore.

Living nomadically is pretty amazing. It’s definitely even better than we had imagined. Living like a nomad simply feels right to us and now we are able to prioritise the things which are really important.

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  1. I’m following two young men cycling around the world on a tandem and your story. I love it, -low impact, high sensory inputs and such great outputs.
    I’ve just spent nearly three weeks cycling the Camino in Spain with Sue so I’m hanging onto your coat tails.
    Huge respect to you and yours, make the most of it

    1. Post

      Wow! We would have loved to do some of the Camino but weren’t sure if Roobs would enjoy it. Happy cycling to you and Sue xx

  2. Totally agree, its just like that for a travelling family. Experience stuff you wouldnt otherwise..and the learning is for the whole family not just the kids, and costs..we wouldnt live in the UK exactly for that reason.

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  3. Love reading this, completely amazing. 9-5 and school runs and after school clubs….yep, pretty poo….!!

    Miss you guys xx

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