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Roobs pointing at Cat cafe sign

She found it!

One of our favourite places to visit in Prague was the Cat Cafe, Prague. We all loved it and we went to visit many times for our kitty fix.


Cat cafe information


The cafe operates on a pay as you go system – it costs 120czk per person for the first hour and then 1kc for each minute after that first hour. You can help yourself to snacks and drinks in the kitchen area – there is tea, coffee and squash. The snacks are usually cupcakes, pretzels, nuts, crackers and sweets.

There is free wifi in the cafe so it is a great place to come to do some work/blogging/worldschooling.

When you arrive a member of staff will show you around and then give you a plastic card – you give this card back when you leave and then you can pay based on how long you have stayed. There is also a loyalty card you can get. If you visited the cafe three times then you would receive an extra hour for free.


There are lots of different spaces in the cafe – 3 different rooms and a kitchen and bathroom. We felt that the cats had a reasonably large space to live and roam in. (They are indoor cats) The different rooms consist of a living room, a games room and a cat room.

Cat cafe Prague | Social Point - places to go with kids

Great place to chillax

The living room has lots of sofas and tables. There are board games and a TV with a PlayStation available. The games room has a huge screen and a couple of sofas. There is a K’nect so you can play various games (we played football, table tennis and bowling). The cat room has all the cats toys, climbing trees and feeding bowls.


A photo of Roobs and Teo at the Prague cat cafe

With Teo

There are 6 Prague cats in the cat cafe: Kenzo, Hugo, Debbie, Theo, Leo and Beatrice. All the cats are very sweet. They don’t all like to be petted though, so you need to get to know their characters (or talk to the staff about them) as some are happier to hang out with you more than others. As they are all rescue cats it’s understandable that some may be a little wary of humans.

Roobs’ favourite cat was Teo.

Teo is my favourite cat because he was always up for playing. His favourite toy is a feather toy. I used to drag it across the floor and he would chase it.


The staff who work in the cafe are really friendly and genuinely love the cats. They spoke excellent English and Roobs loved talking to them about what the cats had been up to that week.

There is so much to do in Prague. We loved spending time in the cat cafe but if you have a few days to spend there check out this guide on what to do in 3 days in Prague.

As we have travelled we have found we really miss our 2 cats. They are being well looked after by my brother and his family but we miss their company. Going to the cat cafe has helped us get our ‘cat fix’ and was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Have you found any animal cafes? Share them with us so we can visit!

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  1. I didn’t know Prague had a cat cafe, how fun! Just recently, I visited the one in Madrid and it is such a lovely idea: the cats have a safe place to stay and if you love cats but cannot keep one at home, for whatever reason, it’s a good way to still have a feline cuddle 🙂

  2. This is so neat! We passed a dog cafe while walking around Bangkok and my daughter really wanted to go in, but the dogs looked drugged. And then I read reviews and sure enough, people were saying they drug them to calm them. This looks like a much better option!

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  3. I love this idea. One of my sons is a total animal lover and something like this would be a great way for him to get his fix while traveling (and for me to get work done!).

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  4. Omigosh! What a fun place. I wish I had known about this a week ago. We just got back from Prague. I totally would have visited the Cat Cafe. Our daughter would have loved it!

  5. I am a cat lover and I can’t wait to visit a cat cafe 🙂 Though I don’t think I will get much done if I bring my work there … I will probably spend most of the time playing with the cats!

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