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Kuala Lumpur – skyscrapers and shopping centres

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Having spent one month in Malaysia’s capital we wanted to write about our impressions of the city. Overwhelmingly we have felt very, very small in such a huge, bustling place! There seems to be an endless amount of skyscrapers and shopping centres. A lot of the time we were in Kuala Lumpur we were in a shopping centre of one kind or another.

We aren’t huge fans of shopping – particularly as we have limited space in our suitcases. However, to be fair there are lots of unique shopping centres here which have quite odd features! Times Square Berjaya has a staircase which is also a piano and Kuala Lumpur’s indoor theme park inside. Sunway shopping centre is attached to a water park and an outdoor amusement park.

Kidzania is inside Curve NX mall. The Petrosains science museum is in the central shopping centre – Suria Mall. So really you can access any activity you ever want to here in a shopping centre!

Still, we were a little tired of everything being inside a mall. We did spend time in the KLCC park (a fabulous park for kids—has a splash area and loads of play equipment) and also the lake near where we were living but in the end, KL was just so hot that you appreciated why everything revolves around being in an air-conditioned mall.

Kuala Lumpur from above

Kuala Lumpur from above

What was fascinating for me was being around so many people from different cultures who are all Malaysian. It was amazing to hear people speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Hokkien, Hakka and English! Malaysians really are super talented when it comes to languages. It was very easy to communicate when we were there. Most people speak English and they speak it really well.

We were there over Ramadan and I think that probably meant that our experience was a little different compared to visiting KL at other times of the year. There was a definite rush on restaurants and cafes when it approached sundown as Muslims would prepare to end their fast for the day.

Traffic in the city is just chock-a-block. There are certain times of day when you’re probably better off walking because of the traffic jams. We used Grab and Uber while we were there because our place was a little outside of the city. Both platforms were very cheap to use but you would struggle to find an available driver at peak times.

skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur

We felt very small surrounded by skyscrapers!

So overall we enjoyed the diversity of Kuala Lumpur and the fascinating mix of cultures. The city is definitely an easy place to find anything or any activity you want. However, we’ve realised that we just aren’t big city people. We don’t like the busyness and bustle of being in such a huge place and would prefer to be in a smaller town.

Sorry, Kuala Lumpur – you’re just not my cup of tea.


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