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Where to go in Hong Kong with kids

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Hong Kong with kids – fun places to go

Hong Kong is like a second home to us.

We spent a year living there before we were married and I still have family in the New Territories. So going to Hong Kong isn’t quite the same experience for us as other places we have travelled to. It’s much more like going home.

So this post isn’t really about the most popular Hong Kong kid friendly places like Disneyland/ Victoria Peak/ Ocean Park – instead, it’s about kid friendly places in Hong Kong that we went to regularly over our 4 months there.

Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau beach Hong Kong - where to go in Hong Kong with kids

Cheung Chau beach

Cheung Chau is a little island a ferry ride away from Hong Kong. You have to catch the ferry from Hong Kong island and you can get either the fast or slow boat over. What do I love about this place? Well, it feels different to HK. It is more relaxed, more chilled out and there are no vehicles on the island – hoorah! There are a ton of bikes though so watch out.

What to do in Cheung Chau

In Cheung Chau you can go on some beautiful hikes, visit the relatively quiet beaches, swim in the sea and try some delicious street food. Roobs had a frozen watermelon slice and it was huge and yummy! Check out the cute lovers locks on the way to the beach. We loved reading some of the messages written on them. It’s a lovely place to relax and get some fresh air.

HK Cat cafe

Hong Kong cat cafe - where to go in hong kong with kids

Pancakes and ice cream at the cat cafe

Also known as ‘Ah meow cat cafe’, this place is tucked away but is a cozy and quiet place to come to get some kitty love. There are around 8 cats here and we were told it’s best to book a table as there are only a few tables. The menu here is limited – there are some cute and yummy things on the menu: a cat-shaped pizza, pancakes and cream and some amazing milkshakes and hot chocolates with cat marshmallows.

As well as stroking and playing with the beautiful cats there are also books and magazines that you can sit and read – Roobs was happy to discover a Grumpy Cat book there.

It’s a bit tricky to find this place as it’s in a building with lots of other businesses. You can check out their Facebook page to see a map.

Sai Kung

Hong Kong Sai Kung rtw digital nomad travel long term family

Picture of the view from Sai Kung pier

This is probably one of our favourite places to visit in Hong Kong for family. If we ever lived in HK long-term we would choose to live here. It has a relaxed feel, is on the coast, has some great beaches and hikes and maintains a small town feel (although it is extremely busy on weekends).

Getting to Sai Kung

There is no train service to Sai Kung at the moment so you have to get a taxi, bus or minibus there.

Things to do in Sai Kung

In the day there are fishermen selling their catch on the harbour. We could spend ages just looking at the various strange and wonderful fish and seafood in their buckets! You can take a boat trip out to visit the small islands around Sai Kung. We took one which lasted around 2 hours and it was very peaceful and reasonably priced.

Hiking in Sai Kung is really popular with both locals and tourists. There are lots of different trails you can take. Check out the options on the Discover Hong Kong site.

HK Science museum

Hong Kong with kids science museum - kid friendly hong kong

A mirror illusion at the HK science museum


The science museum is a great place to visit – particularly in the week when it’s really quiet. It’s a pretty big place and we easily spend 3 or 4 hours here every time we come. It’s really cheap to get in – it was $20 HKD for an adult when we went or it’s FREE to everyone on Wednesdays!

There is so much hands-on stuff for kids to play with, experiment and learn about. Roobs particularly enjoyed the World of Mirrors and looking at insects and plants through microscopes in the Biodiversity Gallery. We went several times while we were in Hong Kong. It has something for kids of all ages and is pretty fun for us grown-ups too.

Hong Kong heritage museum

Hong Kong heritage museum - hong kong with kids

Bruce Lee statue at Che Kung Temple Museum

This museum is tucked away in the New Territories and is a little-known gem. There is a great kids area on the ground floor with exhibitions all about the animals, geology and history of Hong Kong. The displays are all very hands-on and children are free to run around and play in the different zones. Roobs loved all the puzzles and games available.

The rest of the museum is also really interesting. When we went there was a big exhibition about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Dan was also really impressed by the big Bruce Lee exhibition which is every fan’s dream!

So those are all our favourite places to visit.

I should mention that we also love Tai Po Waterfront Park: a great place to picnic and for kids to run around and play in. You’ll also find some good board game cafes, karaoke rooms and soft play centres all over Hong Kong.

Enjoy! 享受香港

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