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Siam Insect Zoo, Chiang Mai

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This was one of our favourite places in Chiang Mai! In this post and video we will show you why Siam Insect Zoo is an awesome place to visit.

The Siam Insect Zoo is a small zoo around 45 minutes from Chiang Mai. It is on the same road as lots of other tourist attractions but is often overlooked. We really recommend it as a place for kids (and adults!) to learn about the fascinating creatures inside. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with lots of them.


The zoo is located around 45 minutes outside of Chiang Mai. We got a taxi but it is easily done on a motorbike.

Entrance tickets cost us 200THB per person which we felt was really reasonable.

Their website is

It took us around 1.5 hours to get around the zoo which involved lots of stopping to admire/hold/touch various insects and lizards. I’m pretty sure you could whizz around it much quicker as it is only small but then you’d be missing out on the fun stuff!

Siam Insect Zoo

There is a museum part of the zoo which houses all the specimens of butterflies, moths and insects. It’s set up well and is very informative. This bit might not be as interesting for young kids but us adults found them fascinating (and a little gruesome).

Then there is a butterfly garden with some seriously huge butterflies in it! It’s peaceful and the butterflies will land on you if you stay still. There are benches here amongst the flowers so it’s a nice place to relax while the kids go to on a butterfly hunt.

A huge brown and orange butterfly Siam Insect Zoo Chiang mai insect zoo

Huge butterfly in Siam Insect Zoo

Another section of the zoo had all the live spiders in. Many of the tanks are in the dark so it is quite hard to make them out. However, the friendly staff explained to us that the tanks are deliberately kept quite dark to mimic the spiders’ natural habitats. They passed us some torches and told us we could try to find the spiders as they were hiding in the display tanks. It was great fun for Dan and Roobs to go on a spider hunt (I’m not a spider fan!).

The rest of the zoo was full of weird and wonderful insects, beetles, bugs and lizards which you can look at. And lots of them you can hold in your hand. The guides are very good at checking you are okay to hold them and Roobs loved being able to get so close. The stick insects were incredible and we had no idea there were so many kinds.

Giant stick insect Chiang Mai Insect Zoo Siam Insect Zoo

One of the stick insects at Chiang Mai Insect Zoo

Roobs wasn’t as keen to hold some of the other creatures but staff were really happy to hold them for you so she could still get close enough to see them. She wasn’t keen on the slowworms or the scorpions! The guides also told us lots of facts about the animals so it was a great way of incorporating worldschooling into a day trip!

big slowworm Siam Insect Zoo Chiang Mai Insect Zoo

The guide held this as Roobs didn’t want to!

The lizards are a big hit with kids and you are able to feed and hold them too.

The staff here were brilliant. Their English was good and they were incredibly friendly. I really think this is a great place to go as a family (and I don’t even like creepy crawlies!). You can grab a coffee and a souvenir at the end as there is a small cafe and gift shop.

It might be off the beaten track of Chiang Mai’s usual tourist hotspots but it is a great way of interacting with some unusual and very beautiful creatures.

Would your kids enjoy this place? How do they feel about lizards and creepy crawlies?

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