The BIG travel questions

These are the questions that get asked time and time again. And yet different families have different solutions and answers for each question. So we've interviewed various families from around the world to present a variety of different ways to travel.
  • How do you afford it?

    Remote working, self employed, relying on savings… there are lots of different ways to fund your travels.   Read »

  • Why do you travel?

    Everyone has their own reasons. Freedom, quality of life, and new experiences, for example.   Read »

  • What's the biggest challenge?

    Actually there are lots of challenges. But that’s all part of the adventure, isn’t it?!   Read »

  • How do you choose where to go?

    Where would you go if you had the choice? Everyone has a bucket list of places they want to see.   Read »

  • How do you travel as a family

    You might be surprised to know that some families travel by boat! Others prefer more conventional methods.   Read »

  • How do you educate your kids?

    When homeschooling becomes “worldschooling”, education is an adventure. There are other ways to do it too.   Read »

  • How do you socialise your kids?

    One of the biggest objections to travelling is that your kids don’t get to socialise like they would at home.   Read »

  • How do you get started?

    OK, you’ve made your mind up to go. That’s half the battle! Now how do you prepare to take that first step and leave?   Read »