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Full time family travel resources

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Family travel resources

When we first started plotting and planning our adventure there wasn’t an awful lot of information about long term travel with kids. Being a digital nomad family just wasn’t that common.

Now, just a few years on, there seem to be a lot more resources that can help people thinking about full time travel decide what to do, where to go, how long to go for etc. In this post I’ll point you in the direction of the travel resources we have found most helpful.

Facebook GroupsFacebook groups for travel

A lot of these resources are in Facebook groups. Those of you who aren’t on Facebook or don’t like using the platform, I really suggest you create a profile just so you can access these groups. They really are a treasure trove for all things travel! Lots of hidden tips and advice to be found.

We have used them to meet other travellers, access information about local groups and activities, plan our itineraries etc.

These are the Facebook groups that we use most:

Families on the Move Organised by Talon from This group is specifically for people who are planning long-term, international travel or who are already travelling.

Worldschoolers This group is not only for those who travel full-time as there are lots of people who subscribe to an educational philosophy around worldschooling. However, there are a good number of people travelling long-term in this group and there are also lots of different sub-groups which are very useful.  For all things to do with family travel and travel tips this group is super useful.

Housesitting Magazine If you’re new to housesitting and want some advice then this is a really helpful group.

There are loads of other groups but these 3 are the ones that we return to again and again to get info and connect with other people. (Note: when we are planning our next stop we look up the Facebook groups for that place to find out how we can connect to locals and local activities. Eg. Hoi An parents, Chiang Mai homeschoolers etc)

General information about different countries

When looking up new places I want to know a general idea of cost of living, weather, rental cost, pollution levels, family-friendliness and so on. Of course, I can ask people in the Facebook groups I’ve mentioned above but I usually use Nomadlist first so I can get a broad idea of what it’s like.

I love the way you can select different options and really play around with different filters on this website. If I only want to look for mild climates then I can choose that filter. I can look for internet speeds, clean air, even “least racism”. It’s a great tool and I recommend you check it out.


We often use Facebook groups to find locals and travellers who’d be keen to meet, however sometimes we want to try something new and meet people around a particular activity.

We have used MeetUp for various different activities in places all over the world. So far we have used it to do language exchanges (I was trying to improve my very basic Spanish), craft workshops, football and netball sessions. In all the groups we’ve been to, people have been really friendly and it has been great to meet locals and other travellers.



In Australia with one of our favourite pooches

We have had housesits for 6 months out of our 2.5 years of travel so far. It has been an incredible experience to be able to have furry and feathered friends whilst we’ve been away. And being able to stay somewhere rent-free is amazing!

I am only recommending sites that I have personally used. For all of our sits we used Trusted Housesitters. There are lots of other housesitting companies but I believe this one is one of the biggest.

They have house sits listed all over the world and you can apply for as many as you like. There is a fee of £89 to join for the year – it might seem steep but we have found that this is completely worth it. There are so many benefits to housesitting but that’s another post.

(Note: If you click on the Trusted Housesitters link above and buy a membership then we will receive 2 months free)

So these are the resources that I use every day. If I’m not working on this blog or worldschooling Roobs then I’m likely researching where to go next by using all of the above.

We also use other websites for booking short-term stays, flights and working out visa requirements. I’ll pop that info into different posts as there’s a lot of information about each of those things.




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